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Month: June, 2012

Synopses Must Come From Hell

Subtitle: …No, seriously.

And no, for once, I didn’t spell Synopsis wrong! That’s just it’s plural.

Now, back to the point. 😉


That’s about my reaction now when I see a synopsis. When I first started, oh foolish person that I am, I thought, OK. All major plot points onto one page! I just saw other people do it, I can do too!


It was ELEVEN pages.  (5,000 words)

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On The Subject of FanFiction

Subtitle:  Or Why every writer should write fan fiction!

So, how many of you reading this – I’m sure there’s not very many reading this at all, but it’s always good to have a tinge of optimism – have heard of Fanfiction?

Yes, no, yes?

So, in short Terms, if you’ve never heard of it – Fanfiction is basically the use of another author’s characters and/or world by another writer who wants to write another story for them.

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Hello & Welcome!


Feel free to call me Morgan, Vinshire, or AMP (AbsentMindedPacer). …I should probably explain my blog title. ‘Tis a reference to the fact that A. I’m a very, very, absent minded person. No, seriously – Daily example right here:

“Morgan dear, where’s your glasses?”

Me: “…?” *mumbling* “Oh, somewhere…. probably on my desk… I think…”

Well, that used to be daily. Now I can see less than five inches without my glasses and I’m as blind a as a newborn baby kitten.

…My siblings fear me when I drive them.

Anyway. Reason B. I pace.

A lot.

As in, half my day is wasted pacing while I think up new situations for my beloved characters with some music jammed so far up my ears that a nuke could land in my backyard and I wouldn’t notice until I was blown into smithereens until a few seconds later.

Perhaps that wasn’t the greatest comparison.

But, speaking of characters… You have now stumbled upon the real reason I am writing this blog – I am a writer who is trying to become an Author.

And every single website I go onto says – Go forth and write a blog!

…So here I sit, at who knows how early in the morning, eyes twitching, as I write myself a blog.

If you haven’t run screaming or passed out from boredom, kudos to you!

Thanks for stopping by! 😀 (Yeah, I got sucked into the emocon thing too. And here I was under the impression that I wouldn’t be like everyone else! ….Ha. No.)

M. Vinshire