Synopses Must Come From Hell

by margaretvinshire

Subtitle: …No, seriously.

And no, for once, I didn’t spell Synopsis wrong! That’s just it’s plural.

Now, back to the point. 😉


That’s about my reaction now when I see a synopsis. When I first started, oh foolish person that I am, I thought, OK. All major plot points onto one page! I just saw other people do it, I can do too!


It was ELEVEN pages.  (5,000 words)

But then again, I’d also written my synopsis by pretty much writing exactly what happened over the entire book

So I managed to cut it down to seven, by cutting out what obviously didn’t need to bet there.

Then, after wise advice from my mother – “You want all the plot points in there, yes, but you also want to leave them somewhat wanting for more!”

And by that wonderful advice, I managed to squeeze it onto five pages. Barely.

…..Now I have no idea what else I should cut.

…How is it that these people expect a somewhat complex storyline – that’s my excuse anyway, 😉 – to cut all the biggest plot points down to 1 page!?!?!??!?!??!


Anyway, if Anyone’s out there reading this- Thank you very much summer4soul for following~ – any other ideas to cut down on synopses?