On the Subject of Playlists and Near-Climaxes

by margaretvinshire

Subtitle: And why they’re both so painful.


Writing, no matter how far along you may be (70,000 WORDS, YES.) will always on some level be very painful indeed.

Paticularly when it comes to action scenes.

I have a confession to make.

I fear action scenes.


My book is full of them.

How much fail is that?

Why do I fear action scenes, you may ask.

First of all, if you’ve ever tried to write an action scene, you know that everything is constantly moving and the character needs to be doing something kick-@$$ and exciting and whirling and wonderful and you’re all like ARGH OH MY GOODNESS HOW DO I WRITE IT DOWN SO IT’S NOTHING LIKE  A SLOW-MO DESCRIPTION SCENE!?


It’s possible I’m the only one with this difficulty.

A big part of how I get over that is Music. If you’ve got exciting music, it’s easier for me to get into an action scene.

The problem is that Near-Climaxes (The Climax before the Climax) requires more than your run of the mill action music, and all that anticipation you have to build and you have to peak it and oh my goodness my brain is fried.

Still stuck in the middle of my Near Climax and I have also found that my playlist for action music has mostly failed.


Oh why cruel world?


Anyway, I’m sure you’ve taken good amusement from this post folks. 😉

Have a fantastic day/night thingy!


(Side note – Never take caffeine when you need to go to sleep.)