On the Subject of Researching

by margaretvinshire

Subtitle: And Why the Near-Climax is out for My soul. (Notation – Pic below is Supermarine Spitfire – British WWII fighter.)Supermarine Spitfire

So, for those of you who have for whatever reason decided to look at the About AMP page, you’ll know – or at least, if you haven’t purged those horrible sentences from your memory, or simply decided to forget  about it in favor of remembering more useful things (Sherlock Holmes, Whoo!) – that my novel is a Historical Fantasy set in World War II.

For various sundry reasons, the Near Climax requires that I instill some effort into planning an attack on London.

A second Battle of Britain, if you will. Any WW II History buffs out there will automatically figure out what’s wrong with sticking ‘second’ and ‘battle of britain’ together.

Simply because there was really only one all out invasion on England.

There was no Second.

At least, that’s what our history books tell us. 😉

Me saying anymore on that subject will entail that I be hung, drawn, and quartered (Very unpleasant stuff. There’s variations, but – nah. too morbid. Just google it, if you really are that curious.)

Anyway. So here I am, researching Battle of Britain tactics and I’m writing this post because I have just found myself yelling “Fantastic!” when I found out what I could do in order to make sure that …let’s just say, for sake of story telling, that I found myself cheering for the bad guys.


I realized this about five seconds later, upon which I went and found myself a cone of shame, and slapped myself with a rolled up magazine.


Yeah, that’s why the Near Climax is out for my soul. I found myself cheering for Nazis.

So, I forward a warning to all those that have to plan battles that never happened in order to make sure the good-guys loose a bit: Have a cone of shame and a rolled up magazine near by.

You’ll need it when the guilt hits you.

And on that fantastically happy note – A word of thanks to all Veterans and current Soldiers out fighting for the USA!

Have a great day guys!