The Short Attention Span Prologue

by margaretvinshire

Subtitle: …Which is why I’ve rewritten mine for about the billionth time. *crazy eye twitch*

There many facts of life that one hates.

One of the most brutal and sulk worthy is that people have short attention spans – and are quick to judge whether or not something is worth their time.

The same is true for books.

So, of course, one must have the AWESOMESAUCE GIFT FROM THE STARS first line and/or prologue.

Please hold while I scream in pain.

SERIOUSLY. This is what, the fifth or sixth prologue I’ve done now, and it’s slowly beginning to wear on my nerves. Wait, that’s a vast understatement.

IT IS SLOWLY KILLING ME FROM THE INSIDE (as well as the Near Climax. I can hear your snorting now – no, I’m not done with the Near Climax yet. Patience, young one! …Though you’re probably older than I am.)

….I can hear you all laughing at me now.



Anyway, I dare you writers out there who are reading my blog to go write a 500 word prologue that captures the essence of your story and has a killer first line.

And when you come back just as depressed about the entire thing as I am, then we can have a gigantic writer’s pity part together.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I’m probably (not) over-exaggerating, and have a great day guys!

(Those last few words don’t sound quite right…. oh well.)

Oh, by the by, glossary word of the day!

Headdesk:  When the head meets the desk as an expression of frustration, disappointment, or exasperation. Sometimes in reference to when something is stupid.

Just in case you all didn’t know that.

…. You probably do and now feel like someone who is probably far younger than you is patronizing you. Eh….whoops?