On the Subject of Revising and Copywrite – er, Right.

by margaretvinshire

Subtitle:….and it seems that even the people who’ve done it several times are winging it.

1rst bit of Advice That I always find: Leave the Book Alone. Don’t touch it, don’t look at it, don’t even think about it. Forget that it even exists and go do something that is somehow more productive.

When the book sneaks up on you, DECK IT AND THROW IT AS FAR FAR AWAY AS POSSIBILES.

Do this for weeks and weeks and weeks if possible. [my patience does not go this far. I will wait a week, at most.]

In order to get  my mind of my book, I have decided to go do a short story – with my main characters from the book I wrote – that is at max 50 pages.

2nd Piece of advice that is everywhere: Approach your book like a new reader. Create a cover, if you so like. Except have the Red pen of doom with you and a notepad. Cut out everything that does work.

No, not literally with scissors.

Murder isn’t our goal here, people. 😀

….Surprisingly enough, there is not enough advice on what to cut out. “Whatever doesn’t work” they say. And this is my expression: -_- …You do realize the author is seriously biased for her/his book, right? 

And, unsurprisingly enough, the next piece of advice after that one is – Subscribe to the Tough Love department. 

Yeah, that last sentence didn’t make any sense to me either. Grammatically, I mean. *Flailing*

Now for Copyright –

Ok. If you have a novel, find the Form TX. They’ve got pretty concise instructions on how to fill it out. I recommend submitting electronically, as the fee is substantially smaller if you do it that way.

Note – Print out several copies.(unless you can fill it out electronically. And only print if you have a scanner.) Or at least, if you’re one of those people with A. Messy Handwriting and B. Terribly nervous.

…I killed half a tree in filling those forms out. I kept messing up – I’d stick a 9 where there shouldn’t be an F, curse my jumpiness, and then start all over.

..I except that any tree-lovers out there are now planning my demise. *Sob*

And then I didn’t like my signature.

*le sigh*

Anyway, thanks for stopping by – If anyone has any more advice on these two subjects, Please, please mention it below in comments. 😉

Have a fantastic day, everyone!

-M. Vinshire