The Importance of a Writing Buddy

by margaretvinshire

Subtitle: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a lonesome writer must be in want of a writing buddy.

Well, it should be universally acknowledged. Part of the reason writer’s write is that we want to share our imaginary worlds with the ‘real’ world.

Or at least, that’s part of the reason  write.

And when sitting all the lonesome, staring balefully at your computer, more often than not – you loose sight of that.

Magnificent prose leaves your fingers, however unneeded that prose might be – and as your stroke your manuscript hissing “Precious” and find that while you know you should cut things – every single word is ever so lovely and-

and that’s when – without writing buddy – you can find yourself in a harrowing situation.

They also make a fantastic cheering team – while I don’t use my writing buddy so much for editing and helping me cut – I do use her as my babble-to person, someone who listens to me as I bounce ideas off of her.

It’s magnificently helpful!

Look – there is about five billion and one reasons for one to choose and find a writing buddy.

There’s this fantastic story I found once – A writer was talking to a brain surgeon, and after informing the surgeon that she wrote books, the surgeon responded, “Oh how nice! I was thinking of writing a book myself when I retire!” and the writer responded, “Really! Isn’t that the oddest thing – I was thinking of being a brain surgeon when I retire myself!”

Writing a book isn’t easy.

But it’s easier if you have someone who can coax and help you and listen to hours and hours and hours of ideas as you babble endlessly into her ear so badly she keels over, sobbing. And you have to attend her funeral after she accidently kills herself banging her head on the wall to escape.

…Not that any of that ever happened to me! Of course not! Why doth you ask such a thing?

PS. Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. LIFE GOT BUSYS. And then I started school. And I’m working on the OUTLINE FROM HELL (Yes, it DOES need to be in all caps.) for the sequel to the Novel I just finished.

-M. Vinshire