About AMP

Hello, this is AMP or Margaret Vinshire here, whichever you prefer. I’m a Yank, for those wondering, who is desperately trying to finish her first revision of the book before summer and has been thoughourly recommended to go write a blog because, somehow, that helps. Whoo.

Other random information that you might or might not want:

I love Orange, Dragons, Long jackets, and hats. As well as swords and anything that goes boom.

You have been warned.

Other FAQ

Q. So…you’re writing a book. What’s it about?

A. Uh, it’s a Historical Fantasy set in World War II.

Q. You didn’t really answer the question right there.

A. True. But as I’m still a young person who lives under her parent’s roof, I have pretty much been forbidden to post my summary until the stupid thing copyrighted. (Yes, I still listen to my parents. No, I’m not within two years of Adult Age. But I am very close.) More incentive for me to get the copyright all set up, I assure you.

Q. Why should I read this blog?

A. Well, I dunno. I’m under the impression that most blogs are supposed to help readers somehow. All I can really offer is a terribly confused writer trying to be an author who’s not old enough to drop piles of wisdom upon all ye, and is desperately trying to finish her book.

Perhaps you can just watch me flail for all your amusement.

Q. What’s with all the cats/cat pictures?

A. …KITTEHS. OH MY KITTEHS. Er, in other words, I desperately love my cats. Particularly my Kirakirakira.

Q. You spelled something wrong and your grammar is horrible.

A. Trust me, I know that. You should hear my pronunciation in person. Despite being raised in a Solid-English speaking household and despite the fact I don’t know any other second language, I can guarantee that the moment you hear me try to pronounce “Medieval” you will either laugh your butt off or be scooting away slowly.