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The Importance of a Writing Buddy

Subtitle: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a lonesome writer must be in want of a writing buddy.

Well, it should be universally acknowledged. Part of the reason writer’s write is that we want to share our imaginary worlds with the ‘real’ world.

Or at least, that’s part of the reason  write.

And when sitting all the lonesome, staring balefully at your computer, more often than not – you loose sight of that.

Magnificent prose leaves your fingers, however unneeded that prose might be – and as your stroke your manuscript hissing “Precious” and find that while you know you should cut things – every single word is ever so lovely and-

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On the Subject of Revising and Copywrite – er, Right.

Subtitle:….and it seems that even the people who’ve done it several times are winging it.

1rst bit of Advice That I always find: Leave the Book Alone. Don’t touch it, don’t look at it, don’t even think about it. Forget that it even exists and go do something that is somehow more productive.

When the book sneaks up on you, DECK IT AND THROW IT AS FAR FAR AWAY AS POSSIBILES.

Do this for weeks and weeks and weeks if possible. [my patience does not go this far. I will wait a week, at most.]

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Hello & Welcome!


Feel free to call me Morgan, Vinshire, or AMP (AbsentMindedPacer). …I should probably explain my blog title. ‘Tis a reference to the fact that A. I’m a very, very, absent minded person. No, seriously – Daily example right here:

“Morgan dear, where’s your glasses?”

Me: “…?” *mumbling* “Oh, somewhere…. probably on my desk… I think…”

Well, that used to be daily. Now I can see less than five inches without my glasses and I’m as blind a as a newborn baby kitten.

…My siblings fear me when I drive them.

Anyway. Reason B. I pace.

A lot.

As in, half my day is wasted pacing while I think up new situations for my beloved characters with some music jammed so far up my ears that a nuke could land in my backyard and I wouldn’t notice until I was blown into smithereens until a few seconds later.

Perhaps that wasn’t the greatest comparison.

But, speaking of characters… You have now stumbled upon the real reason I am writing this blog – I am a writer who is trying to become an Author.

And every single website I go onto says – Go forth and write a blog!

…So here I sit, at who knows how early in the morning, eyes twitching, as I write myself a blog.

If you haven’t run screaming or passed out from boredom, kudos to you!

Thanks for stopping by! 😀 (Yeah, I got sucked into the emocon thing too. And here I was under the impression that I wouldn’t be like everyone else! ….Ha. No.)

M. Vinshire